Take care of your health, keep your workspace clean

Are you running a business in which you have more than 5 people working in the same place? If yes, it would be very beneficial to take into consideration some of our advice to have a healthy environment within your office.

Each day your workspace is exposed to a countless amount of bacteria due to a multiple set of factors. One of them could be the inappropriate cleaning methods used at different areas of your office, additionally the dust that inevitably gets inside, and the different hygiene habits of each of your employees. Therefore it’s highly recommended to take specific actions that will lead to functional and healthy space for everyone.

3 easy steps to get started 

1.- You must use a different duster for each area, in order to avoid the mixture of dirt, having different colors can make this easier since it will let you know which one is for the computer, desks, bathroom etc… Also using cleaning disinfectants will ensure the killing of any bacteria on every surface.  

2.- Provide hygienic protocols, such as using hand sanitizer upon arrival to your facility by everyone, without any exceptions. With this measure the spread of bacteria or viruses will be difficult.

3.- If your budget allows it, you can request a professional cleaning service that will provide the most efficient cleaning to your facility, if necessary most cleaning service companies can provide you with sanitation service as well

Totally worth it 

There will be different kinds of benefits for your business while following these suggestions. From having a pristine working environment that will boost your employee’s motivation and productivity, to avoiding many health risks associated with viruses and bacteria easily transmitted within a workspace. Additionally your employees will notice the company’s effort and concern to provide a clean and healthy environment for them and will be highly grateful for this.

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